My name is Vinh-Doan Thoi, and I'm a photographer based in downtown San Jose. I've been photographing for about three or four years now, and throughout that time, I've developed interest in many areas of photography.

Professionally, I enjoy making portraits and headshots for people and working on projects for various clients.

Personally, I am a fine art photographer. I've worked in many photographic and print mediums. For a long time, I shot a lot on film, an experience from which I learned a lot, and was able to learn the basics of using a black and white darkroom. I eventually dabbled in color photography, but I continue to find myself most at home with black and white photography. For those interested, I shoot mostly on digital cameras now; I regularly rotate between a Ricoh GR and GRD III, a Fuji X-T2, and a Nikon d300.

In my personal projects, I like to photograph the prosaic and plain, as well as simple, fleeting moments. I try to play with the concept of the meaning and value of a photograph and my photographic subjects, both on literal and figurative levels. In doing so, I want to tell a story about human experiences and emotions as they happen and explore my own identity and place in the world as a random individual.

More recently, I have also been working on building a project that expresses about masculinity, but it is still largely in development